It's important that I'm free to leave a gay magazine on the side if I've brought it back from the pub.

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Portrait of Illtyd, an older gay man

Illtyd's background

Illtyd, now 80, has been actively involved in politics all his life. He enjoyed a 50-year partnership with Chris, a theatre critic and dresser to some of Britain's leading stage actors. Sadly, Chris died before they were able to make it legal with a civil partnership.

Illtyd highlights how important it is to be able to be yourself whether or not you need care: "Even though I wouldn't want to be shoving it in their face, they still need to know that this is my home".

Lawrence, another older gay man, says: "I would like to have choice about who would care for me and, if a care home, for it to be ‘gay friendly' and have at least some other gay men."

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